What to Wear

What should I/we wear?!?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get, especially for family photos. It can seem overwhelming to coordinate outfits with each other – especially for those of us who have a hard time just dressing ourselves!

Here are a few tips so that you can look your best.

* The Basics *

Wear something comfortable. You won’t want to be tugging at the your shirt or pulling down your skirt the entire time. Make sure it allows you to move, especially if we have some walking to do at location.

Timeless accessories such as scarves or boots are welcome, trendy items such as feathers, headbands, or excessive jewellery are probably not a great idea.

Don’t over-coordinate!!! Please don’t show up with everyone in white shirts & blue jeans, or all in one colour. This is too matchy-matchy, not flattering, and won’t reflect individual personalities.

No logos, crazy patterns or wrinkly shirts.  Lines & chequered shirts are fine, especially for men, unless the lines are small & close together – this creates an optical illusion in the photos.

* Shoes *

Women – Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if walking at the location is involved. Boots are always attractive, especially in fall/winter . Be prepared to do some shots in bare feet, especially if it’s summer or fall.

Men – No runners, please! Dark shoes work best, and also be prepared for the possibility of bare feet.

Kids – Again, no runners, but anything else is great. Most kids end up in bare feet for the majority of the shoot.

* Glasses & Hats *

If you wear glasses most of the time, feel free to keep them on for the photos. The images should reflect your personality & normal look, and glasses are a part of that. The only time I will ask you to remove them is if they are reflecting too much light or they have transitional lenses and I can’t see your eyes. If your glasses are just an accessory or only for reading, leave them off – especially sunglasses!!

Hats should never be worn to the photoshoot – not only do they mess up your hair, most styles create a shadow over your eyes which isn’t flattering. The only exception are beanies or toques, which can be incorporated in winter or Christmas photos.

* Colours *

If you aren’t sure about colours, pick a neutral (or two) and accessorize around it. Great neutrals are black, grey, brown, tan, white, and navy blue. Even jeans can be considered a neutral since they can fit into almost any outfit (jeans, skirts, jeggings, jackets, etc).

Pick a colour family, such as warms or cools, brights or darks. Not everyone has to wear every colour.

If you are helped by visuals, I have a Pinterest board of examples here.

* Makeup *

Don’t overdo it. Natural is best, so smoky eyes or bright eyeshadow is not recommended – unless that is your everyday look.

* Newborns *

Most of the time, newborns are naked in their photos but their private parts are concealed (let me know ahead of time if this is something you are uncomfortable with). Please dress baby in clothing that isn’t too tight, including diapers – we want to avoid having red indent marks on their little bodies.

If mom & dad want to be in a few shots, it is preferable to wear white – preferably a tank top or white dress for mom (my studio is very warm so baby doesn’t get cold). Men may go shirtless in some shoots, please advise on your comfort level beforehand.