Tutorial Tuesday: Adding Snow in Photoshop

The above is an image that I’ve added snow to using Photoshop – it is done in exactly the same fashion as my previous tutorial about adding floating bokeh.

Step 1 – Since this is a finishing touch, you should start off with a completely edited & ready-to-go image.

Step 2 – Drag an image of ‘stars’ onto your photo (or really any image of white specks of varying sizes on a black background, such as the ones below – feel free to download by first clicking on to enlarge and then right-click again and select ‘save image as…’). The image will be added as a new layer. Adjust the size so it covers your entire image.
Step 3 – Change the layer type to ‘Screen’ and lower the opacity to your liking. For this particular image, I added both of the images above and gave them different levels of opacity to give the snow a more three-dimensional feel.

Step 4 – Create a layer mask and remove any specks that are distracting or in the way of important parts of the image (such as the face).

Here’s what the layers should look like:

Step 5 – Do any necessary adjustments, flatten the image & you’re done!

And there you have it! Super simple effect that adds a little something extra to your holiday shots!
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