Tutorial Tuesday: Adding Floating Bokeh | Photoshop Tips

If you are looking to add snow to your images, check out my new tutorial here, which has some free downloadable overlays! 
The above is a before & after of an image that I’ve added floating bokeh to using Photoshop – I’ll let you decide whether it’s dust, cotton, bugs, snow or something else entirely. I’ve only ever used this on few personal photos, and it really only works on outdoor shots. It’s pretty simple to do, so as long as you have a basic understanding of layers, this is easily accomplished.
Step 1 – Since this is a finishing touch, you should start off with a completely edited & ready-to-go image.
Step 2 – Add an image of stars, preferably white stars of varying sizes on a black background (such as the one below). Place it as a new layer & size appropriately. 

Step 3 – Change the layer type to ‘Screen’ and lower the opacity to your liking, I went with 30% but it really depends on the image and the effect you are going for.

Step 4 – Create a layer mask and remove any specks that are distracting or in the way of important parts of the image (such as the face).

Here’s what the layers should look like:
Step 5 – Do any necessary adjustments, flatten the image & you’re done!
And there you have it! Super simple effect that adds a little something extra to your outdoor shots 🙂 
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