Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer | Fraser Valley & Kamloops Photographer

1. Ask for Recommendations
If you have friends who recently got married and you just loved their photos, don’t be afraid to ask who their photographer was (if you have friends whose photos you despised, make sure you ask them as well so you know who to avoid). Check out wedding fairs, websites, bridal magazines and narrow down your top choices. Also, once you narrow it down and meet with the photographers, you could ask if they have references or past clients that could give recommendations. 
Think of it like a job interview, which it is.

2. Realize That You Get What You Pay For
I know everyone is on a budget these days, but I would think that photography should be one of the top expenses when it comes to your wedding. In 20 years, would you rather have:
a) a slice of cake rotting in your freezer
b) an expensive garment you haven’t fit into for 19 years hanging in your closet
c) priceless photos on display in your home
There may be exceptions, but generally, better photographers cost more. You are paying for their time & experience, let alone the costs of equipment and running their own business. 

3. Meet with your Top Choices
I know it’s so easy to communicate and do all your bookings over email these days, but unless you are having a destination wedding where you won’t have the chance to meet them in advance, this is a must-do. This person will be attending the most important day of your life, you want to make sure you click and don’t have a major personality conflict. 

4. Ask to See More
Loving the work you see online or in their portfolio is one thing, but make sure you ask to see an entire album from a recent wedding, preferably 2-3 full albums. I am not talking about every raw, unedited photo out of the camera, but everything they give to the bride & groom.
For example, my sister got married last summer and she loved what she saw when she met with her photographer (I was in the wedding party so therefore unavailable). But, when she got her photos back, at least a third were on a crazy, tilted angle. She had noticed a few when looking through the photographer’s portfolio, but didn’t expect there to be so many – and now she doesn’t want to hang any on her wall since she thinks they will look crooked. This brings me to the next tip…

5. Avoid Fads/One-Trick-Ponies
You should want your wedding photos to be unique yet consistent in quality. Sure the angle thing might be dramatic and look good on a few photos, but not on every one. Ask yourself, will the photos still look good in 50 years, let alone 5? Think 80’s glamour shots, the ones you see on Ellen.
On the other hand, if when looking through the albums you get the sense that they use the same poses again & again, or everything is in black & white, that could also be a warning sign. Each photographer should put a bit of creative flair into their photos and bring out the bride & grooms style and personality. 
It’s all about finding a balance that works for you.

6. Book Early
Most photographers start booking at least 6-12 months in advance, longer if you’re getting hitched during peak wedding season (May-September). If you have your heard set on someone, make sure to book early in order to avoid disappointment.
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